Elaine is a wonderful and refreshing yoga teacher. Her postures are beautiful and her instruction helpful and observant.
— Cynthia, New York

I love practicing with Elaine because the classes are fun and informal. Elaine will demonstrate the standard way to execute a pose, and yet, at the same time, encourage students to feel free to come up with their own variations.
— Barbara, New York

Elaine introduced me to yoga in my sophomore year of high school & I’ve been practicing ever since. I’ve done classes in other studios & at my school, but I haven’t found a class I enjoy as much as Elaine’s yet!
— Mary, Queens

Yoga with Elaine is my favorite way to start a Sunday morning! Elaine combines exercise and meditation into one amazing practice. Classes are challenging and fun, and give me the positive energy and strength to face a new week ahead. Elaine is a wonderful teacher and always motivates me to do my best. She guided me from being the newbie to a head stand, and continues to improve my practice every week!
— Lucia, New York